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FABAL is one of Australia’s leading Vineyard Management companies, backed by decades of experience and a dedicated team of some of the country’s most experience viticulturists. 


Below are just some of the Management Services that FABAL offer. Get in touch to ask us about some of the many successful projects we have had a hand in shaping, along with how we can help you succeed in the vineyard and beyond.


Building New Vineyard Projects

Following decades of first-hand on-the-ground experience, the FABAL team are well-equipped to help guide any new vineyard or wine project from start to finish. This includes site selection and development for Australia’s leading winegrowing regions, risk management strategies and guidance on essential decision-making practices to achieve commercial success. 

Reworking & Restructuring Existing Vineyards

As with any asset, time, effort and maintenance are all necessary to ensure a vineyard is operating at its optimum productivity. This includes both the capital infrastructure in the vineyard and the vines themselves. FABAL are experienced in knowing when to rework and restructure an existing vineyard and how to best optimise this process for maximum results.   

Ask us how FABAL have achieved success for clients from start to finish of their ‘greenfield’ development or rework project, providing initial feasibility studies, site assessments and approval processes, following through to design and implementation management.


Diverse Local Knowledge

Given Australia’s diverse geography and the specific challenges posed by each individual region, every site needs to be individually considered in terms of terroir, climate and risk. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all model, and local knowledge and experience is key to success in the sector.

Considering FABAL has existing expertise and capacity in vineyards across Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, they are uniquely positioned to provide advice on how to best manage vineyards across the majority of Australia’s premium wine-growing regions. This has led to FABAL receiving a the highly regarded reputation as one of Australia’s largest specialised vineyard managers.

This widespread and proven localised experience means FABAL have the skills, knowledge and people to provide a range of services for total turnkey vineyard management for both domestic and international owners, as well as task specific support for existing operators.

International Owner Support

FABAL particularly pride themselves on the end-to-end support they provide to international owners, meaning they can own, grow and produce their own Australian wine portfolio from their home country. FABAL deliver full peace of mind that the qualified team are working in their best interests. This includes both the team in the field and back of house, with full accounting, reporting and business management services available.

All operations are supported by quality management systems, undertaken by experienced and qualified operators and within WHS compliance and transparency.


Get in touch today to see how FABAL can help provide a Turnkey Management Service you require, no matter where in the world you might be!


Experienced Knowledge

Having worked in vineyard management for over 25 years across some of Australia’s premium winegrowing regions within Western Australia (Margaret River), South Australia (Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, Padthaway, McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills) and Victoria (Heathcote), the FABAL team include some of the country’s most experienced viticulturists. Having seen the impact of many natural, man-made, political and economic events during this period, FABAL have the proven skills and capacity to troubleshoot the most challenging circumstances to mitigate risk and steer toward future success.

Industry Trusted

Moreover, FABAL’s viticultural team contribute to a range of industry organisations at both technical and governmental levels to help shape future policy and governance for the industry. This makes FABAL a trusted leader within the industry and a guiding hand towards its future.

Get in touch to ask how FABAL can help you navigate your particular problem.


Look Before Leaping

FABAL understand what steps are necessary before investing in a vineyard. Therefore, their viticultural team provide full Due Diligence activities pre-acquisition to offer peace of mind, with capabilities to give advice on both technical vineyard requirements and commercial considerations. This allows an efficient and simplified process for any investor.

Tailored Approach

FABAL has become a trusted advisor to many of the world’s largest pension funds/managers, international investors and individuals. No customer is too small or too large to benefit from FABAL’s expertise, experience and skills. As no customer is the same, every project is approached individually and customised to their specific needs.

Dispute Resolution Experts

With 25 years’ experience of working with major Australian wine companies, FABAL are also well-positioned to assist with dispute resolution processes and give objective advice of Grape Supply Agreements.

Ask how FABAL can help solve your problem, or help you avoid your next one.

Product Review Services

Red Wine

Market Entry Experts

Being a player within the Australian wine industry is an exciting, yet potentially daunting, prospective. Given FABAL’s involvement at all levels of the Australian wine industry, they are uniquely positioned to provide informed and educated advice in this growing, yet competitive, sector, with a range of product review services for interested parties to consider when entering the market.

Review Your Approach

A sound strategy, teamed with inside knowledge of the industry, is integral to success in the Australian wine industry. FABAL have assisted organisations of all shapes and sizes, from start-up ventures to international groups expanding into the Australian market, to objectively assess their market strategies and make modifications where necessary to better optimise their resources and market position. This is based on FABAL’s proven track record to be a practical, dynamic and innovative company themselves.

Let FABAL know how they can help review your product or strategy today.

Greenfield Development & Restructuring
Turnkey Management Services
Troubleshooting & Technical Advice
Due Diligence, Pre-Acquisition Inspections & Reports
Product Review Services


To discuss the needs of your business and how FABAL’s broad range of Management Services can help reach your objectives – and beyond – please get in touch today. 

105 King William Street, Kent Town, SA

Phone: (08) 8132 5500

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