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FABAL (Food And Beverage Australia Limited) is involved in food, agribusiness and beverages sourced from the clean, green and pristine Australian farming lands.


The FABAL Group was established in 1982 by four founding partners. In 1994, FABAL commenced its expansion into agribusiness through the development and management of vineyards in the cool climate regions of Australia. 


In 2008, FABAL introduced horticulture to their agri-business model and today it manages orchards, groves and vineyards for Australian and international investors. 


FABAL is involved in many sectors of the agribusiness industries. Its main focus is on managing, operating and owning Viticulture, Horticulture and Water Infrastructure.

FABAL Barossa Valley Grapes



FABAL's strategic goal is to develop and build premium quality food and beverage products from Australian sourced fruit and nuts.


FABAL will seek to brand these products for Australian and international consumption.


The aim is to have simple, authentic, natural and environmentally conscious products that sustain the clean and green image of Australia.


FABAL will do this by continued management of our products and services to international best practice standard for agribusiness production.


FABAL will also service and support all of its customers with high integrity and transparency in its management of their businesses.



FABAL has been developing its business since 1982. We continue to do so realising we don't always have it right. While we seek to employ modern human resource and management techniques, there are 4 simple rules by which we govern your business.


1) Family is always first

2) Do your job to the best of your ability

3) Don't let your team mate down and always watch their back

4) Do the right thing 



FABAL (Food And Beverage Australia Ltd) is a family owned group and the original four families still remain owners today. Family ownership continues to be the keystone after 37 years with the families of several senior managers now having some ownership. Our goal is to produce premium and authentic Australian food and wine from its estates managed by our team of experienced professionals. Those clean, green and pure estates are managed in an environmentally responsible manner to protect Australia’s rich heritage in food production.

FABAL Wines, the owner of the Vineyard Road wine brand, has been producing premium wine since1997 but is only now offering its wonderful range of premium wines to the world. FABAL produces and markets wines from several of Australia’s premium wine regions, including the famous Barossa Region, Clare Valley, Heathcote Region and Langhorne Creek, to name a few. All of the wines produced are sourced from grapes grown on 12 estates in 3 states of Australia and all managed by FABAL.


The wider FABAL Group has been active in operating and investing in the Australian wine industry for the past 22 years. It owns and manages 1,700 hectares of vineyards for corporations, families and individuals in 7 of Australia’s most important wine regions. It now produces premium quality wine from several of these regions. It is the owner of several innovative and progressive wine brands including Vineyard Road.


FABAL Operations is one of the premier managers of Australia viticulture and supports Australian and international investors to operate their agribusiness ventures in all states of Australia.

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