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Bruce Spangler

Independent Chairman

Bruce Spangler, a director appointed in February 2010, is a chartered accountant who moved from the role of senior partner and chair of a significant chartered accounting firm to undertaking non executive directorship roles.  He has had experience in chairing local, national and international groups and has spent 35 years providing financial and commercial advice to and working with a large number of SMEs in many industries.  He has also been the audit partner on many significant clients as well as undertaking many intra-office reviews. He has a wealth of experience in the rural sector as well as the sporting and community areas.

Bruce is a member of the Compliance Committee and a director of a number of companies managed by FABAL. Bruce was appointed Chairman of FABAL Group in 2017.


Amal Wahab

Independent Director

Amal Wahab is an experienced investment banker specializing in investing in Private and unlisted Public companies. 

He was Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Investments at the Oman Investment Fund, the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Sultanate of Oman. In that role he was also on the Board of Directors and Board Sub Committees of Private and Public companies in Australia and overseas. 


Chris Day

Group Chief Executive Officer

Chris Day was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer of The FABAL Group Pty Ltd in July 2012.  However, he has been the CEO since incorporation in 1990.  Chris, as one of the four founders of FABAL, has also been a director and chief executive officer of Food And Beverage Australia Pty Ltd since 1982.  His responsibilities include strategic management and business planning.

Until 2004, he was the chief executive officer of Berren Asset Management Limited, the manager of Australia's largest publicly-listed wine investment fund, the International Wine Investment Fund.  He also worked for the Hardy Wine Company and Foster’s Wine Estates.

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the wine industry and a further seven years’ experience in the legal, accounting, tax and merchant banking industries.  Chris is a member of the Audit Committee.  He is currently a director of four public companies.


Jane Caire

Non-executive Director

Jane Caire has more than 35 years of experience in multi-national financial services companies and corporate legal practice. She has been working in the Asia Pacific financial services sector since 1993, and brings a broad range of expertise in building and upgrading businesses, corporate development to support business growth, and strong corporate governance.  Her most recent executive role was as Chief Administrative Officer and Regional Head of Strategy & Corporate Development for BNY Mellon Investment Management APAC.  

Previous roles include HSBC, CLSA, Franklin Templeton, Citigroup Asset Management and ING Asset Management. She also spent 5 years designing strategy and implementing key initiatives for Alliance Trust plc, a FTSE 100 Company.


Dimitrios Georgiadis

Director, Business Development

Dimitrios Georgiadis, a director from incorporation to 1990 and since 1995, and is an associate of Georgiadis Lawyers Pty Ltd with more than 38 years’ experience in the fields of wine, commercial, securities and property law. Dim has been a member of the Law Society of South Australia since 1984, and a member of the Society's Commercial Law and Property Law Committees. Dim has also been a member of the South Australian Liquor Licensing Commissioner's Forum. He is a director of several wine, property, and investment companies and eight public companies. He has been a member of the board of governors (including the Deputy Chairman) of a private college for 25 years.


George Havakis

Independent Director

George Havakis joined the board of Marandoo Estate Limited (MEL) in September 2019 and following FABAL's successful acquisition of MEL, joined the new board of FABAL in June 2022. George's expertise is in the Geospatial Industry, working as consultant/advisor to government and business and acting on national and state boards for the Spatial Industries Business Association (now SIBA/GITA), The Surveying Task Force Inc. Victoria and The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute. George also has significant experience in the development of standards in business processes and managing stakeholder committees. 


Chris Flaherty

Independent Director

Chris Flaherty has served on the FABAL Wines Board since 2017 and has joined the FABAL Board following the successful acquisition of Marandoo Estate Limited (MEL) and National Vineyard Fund of Australia Limited (NVFAL) in June 2022. Chris has had a distinguished career in the liquor industry in senior leadership roles for both wine and spirits, including Treasury Wine Estates, Diageo and Oakridge Wines, across a number of geographies both domestically and globally (Asia Pacific, US and UK). Chris also serves as an industry consultant to a number of boutique organisations in the wine and spirits industry. Chris' expertise lies in understanding the consumer and growing sales and brands. 

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