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FABAL, a business focused on premium Australia food and beverage products, was the original company founded in our group and has been operating since 1982.  


Since 1994, FABAL has been involved in agribusiness ventures, primarily in the grape growing/wine industry but this was extended into horticulture in 1998. 

The group both develops and manages premium quality, large scale horticultural projects for a range of investors from families, collective groups through to large institutions and corporations (see licencing below).


In 1998, FABAL became involved in olives and has experience in managing horticultural operations including avocados.

FABAL Agriculture Map Australia


Our entire strategy revolves around selling sophisticated and authentic food products from the clean and green Australian land in an environmentally sustainable manner.


The fresh fruit grown on the projects managed by FABAL are marketed under agreements with leading fruit wholesalers in Australia serving the domestic and international markets.


The FABAL Group has also been working on “value added” product development for the past 7 years and is now working with its investors on premium branded and commercial strategies for several of its fruit and wine products.  Branding strategies have led to the development of several ranges of premium product.


FABAL manages its projects to deliver added value and ongoing improvement in performance for our investors. This provides the investors with revenue streams coupled with potential capital growth through the ownership of the underlying land and water infrastructure (where possible) in the long term.

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