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FABAL Ops, our business dedicated to managing our customer’s premium beverage properties, was set up for specialist viticultural services in 1997. 


Since our inception in agribusiness, FABAL Ops has operated vineyards in 10 of Australia’s premier cool climate vineyard regions, including the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale in South Australia, Margaret River in Western Australia, Yarra Valley in Victoria and Canberra District in NSW.

The group both develops and manages premium quality, large scale viticultural projects for a range of investors from families, collective groups and through to large institutions and corporations.  These investors are Australian families and international families and groups from 5 countries around the world.


Today, we manage over 1,700 ha of vineyards in 8 regions as shown in the table below and are recognised as the largest independent manager in the country. 

map of projects_3 22apr16.jpg


Our strategy revolves around selling grapes to the top 50 wine companies in Australia, both corporate and family, and to several smaller wine companies.  Currently, we have over 25 committed customers, including all of the top four in Australia and more than half of the prominent family owned companies.


Pernod Ricard, Accolade Australia and Treasury Wine Estates are amongst our largest customers and we are the largest supplier to several of these groups.  Our relationships date over 20 years. In addition, we continue to work with McWilliams Wines, Yalumba Wine Company, Kingston Estate Wines, Brown Brothers, Taylors Wines, De Bortoli Wines, Casella Family Brands and several other family businesses.


The wine grapes grown on the many Estates managed by FABAL Ops are marketed under medium to long term agreements with the wine groups above and each group is treated as a long term partner to that Estate. Some contracts date back to 1994, the year FABAL Group commenced in viticulture.


The FABAL Group has also been working on “value added” wine development since 2009 and are now working with its investors on premium branded and commercial strategies for several of its wine Estates.


FABAL Ops manages the Estates to deliver the following: -

  1. Best practice in Vineyard Management;

  2. Superior quality grape supply at the appropriate level for the vineyard and customer;

  3. Superior quality vineyard amenity;

  4. Value add to grape sales;

  5. Value improvement and performance that leads to distribution to our investors.


The key is to provide the investors with revenue streams, such as dividends for distributions coupled with potential capital growth through the ownership of the underlying land and water infrastructure in the long term.


Where businesses are operating as either family entities or corporations, FABAL Ops manages the Estates under long term service agreements.


FABAL Ops is known as a 'one stop shop' for the Estate owners.


Further, we are also known for our integrity in providing transparent and clear costing of the annual operating costs for the vineyard management AND for the cost of having FABAL Ops provide its range of services.  These fees can be tailored to the requirement of the owner of the property.


Our services include the following:







Viticulture Management

Technical Management

Water Management

Grape Sales Negotiation with Purchaser

Grape Sales Identification of Purchaser

Regulated Accreditation - HACCP, ISO, etc

Management Reporting - timely basis

Financial Report, including external audit

Tax Preparation & Advisory

Annual Budget & Long Term forecasting models

Shareholder management, if required

Annual Works Programmes

High level of Corporate Governance

Conversion to bulk wine

Development of branded wine offering

International business development

Provisional of Australian Board with qualified independent and non-independent directors

Periodic and Professional Meetings

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