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FIL, a 100% owned FABAL Group business, is focused on the investment in securities and properties. 

FIL, which was commenced in 1985, has always invested in Australian property and continues to be the co-investor with outside investors in many agribusiness investments that the FABAL Group has commitment to.

In addition to the agribusiness investments held by FIL, it has also invested over the past 25 years in Australian and international equities, nearly all listed on major stock exchanges of the world. 


FIL only trades these investments in limited circumstances and is considered a long term investor seeking to generate income returns for the shareholders.

FABAL Barossa Rise
FABAL Bantry Bay


The FABAL Group does not believe that investors should invest in a property managed or developed by FABAL Ops (or FABAL) if FABAL Group is not willing to invest in the property itself.


FIL is focused on earning financial returns that are superior to holding listed public company shares on Australian and international stock exchanges.  It is very interested in using agribusiness investment as a counter cyclical investment to real estate and shares for its shareholders.


Accordingly, FIL seeks to invest in long term real estate underlying quality farming activities and take both the farming risk and rewards.


FIL has listed company shares in Australia (60%), the USA (30%) and Europe (10%).


FIL has property investment in Australia (100%).


FIL has agribusiness investment in Australia (100%). 


All of the agribusiness investment is aligned to our core businesses of produce from vines, trees or bushes.  FIL (FABAL Wines and FABAL) have investments in all businesses of the Associates ranging from 1% to 50%.


FIL is unable to hold any investment in private family groups managed by FABAL Ops.

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